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French Polishing Contractors - Est. 1870.
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French Polishing

Using the hand skilled art of french polishing we can prepare and treat wood in order to give it a smooth finish and enhance its appearance. Traditional polishing methods are combined with the latest technology to provide heat and water resistant finishes for tables and wood surfaces. We can work on a variety of old or new, large or small furniture including dining & boardroom tables, panelling, bookcases, desks, staircases and doors etc, working in situ or off site depending on the clients needs.

Fire Retardant Finishes

To adapt to the ever changing business environments and the specifics of the client we are now able to use water-borne clear intumescent coating to achieve class o and class 1 surface spread of flame finish. We can now combine the old tradition of french polishing with the new technology to meet the current fire regulations.

Leather/Upholstery Work

Whilst french polishing is our specialty, we recover or undertake a full upholstery service. Our service caters for both large and small items and could also include securing all joints and re-springing or simply replacing foam in cushions or chair seats. Any pattern or material is offered to meet the needs of our clients and can even specialise in the construction of bespoke furniture.


Over the years we have formed various partnerships which enables us to offer further specialist services to our clients which includes experience and quality in the manufacture of bespoke furniture and architectural joinery. With a workforce of joiners, cabinetmakers, wood machinists, polishers and veneer specialist at our disposal we can meet the specifics of every client.

Other specialist partnerships include, glass work, sign writing, flooring, and made to measure curtains, please contact us for further to discuss your specific details.